Crafty Tuesday – Handmade Pin Cushion

* Crafty Tuesday *

I have been making lots of things lately to stock up my online shop, and many of these have involved sewing – which means pins! I got fed up of pricking myself getting them out of a pot so I decided to make myself a pin cushion based upon a design I had seen somewhere on the internet.

This is a very thrifty design as it was made out of scraps, no cost to me at all!

I cut out two circles of scrap fabric, no particular size, just roughly the size I wanted the pincushion to be. I didn’t even use a template but you could draw around a cup or bottle if you want to be neat.

Place the two circles on top of each other, right sides together and sew around the edge, leaving a 1/4 inch seam. Stop before you have sewn all the way around. Turn the circles inside out through the hole and stuff. I stuffed with little cut up bits of fleece blanket as I was feeling thrifty but you could use proper stuffing if you like.

Once stuffed hand stitch the opening closed.

Wrap coordinating wool or embroidery floss around the mini cushion and pull tight so it pulls into an almost flower shape. Tie securely at the bottom. Voila, quick, easy and cheap pin cushion!


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