Creating a photo wall

One of the endless problems in our house is where to put all the gorgeous photos of the girls (ok so not a real problem as such but certainly something to figure out!).

We had too many frames here and there and it looked really cluttered. So I decided to make a photo wall.

We had a large photo of the four of us professionally done and so I used that as a focal point and I used other professional photos and home photos to build up the space around it. To figure out the layout I arranged them on the floor before fixing them to the wall. I tried to alternate the colours of the frames and have them all co-ordinating yet different. The result is great, the photos are all there for everyone to see and they are not cluttering up space. It is also a great talking point – everyone mentions it when they first come into the room!

 Family Photo Wall

In fact, I liked it so much, I copied the concept in our front room! As the focal picture in this one I used a framed word picture that a friend got us for christmas and put pictures of our little family around it. This time I used the same frames in the same colour and only black and white photos for a different effect.

Family Photo Wall White


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