A Day In Our Life

A day in our life is never typical. We have things that we do every day but each day is different and our routine about to be shaken up again in a couple of weeks when Jelly Baby starts school in the afternoons. So we’ll take today as an example.

7.00 alarm goes off. I read emails / check the news / facebook on my phone

7.30 wake and dress the children

8.00 girls have breakfast and I get ready

8.40 we leave for school.

Today we went straight from school to my Welsh class. Jelly Baby spends 2 hours playing in the creche there and we get home about 11.45.

12.00 Lunch

We then spent the afternoon ironing (me) and basting some quilts for work (me) and watching tv (Jelly) and playing in the playroom (Jelly).

3.00 We left for school to get Bean

4.00 Hot chocolate and flapjacks all round after school. 1/2 an hour of TV for Bean and then read homework books / do homework / practice spellings.

5.30 Kiddy dinner time

6.15 Daddy is home and it is grown up dinner time.

The kids then play until bedtime at 7 / 7.30.

I then will do a little bit of work (tonight I have a webinar and some sewing to do) and I try to be in bed for 10.30.

In and amongst all this are the general day to day chores of course such as doing the washing / tidying the house!

What is your daily routine?


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