A Day of Thrill Rides With K’Nex

A couple of weeks ago we ended our week in London with a trip to Thorpe Park courtesy of K’Nex who had a stand there. If you aren’t familiar with K’Nex they are fabulous construction sets which are not only bags of fun, but they are also educational. They teach children to follow instructions, develop fine motor skills and encourage their imagination and creativity. K’Nex is a tool that is often used in schools which shows that it goes beyond the scope of a regular toy.


The girls and I hadn’t experienced any K’Nex before we saw it in action in Thorpe Park and we were so impressed! Huge working displays showed the magnificence of K’Nex and all three of my children loved playing with it. Bean was fascinated with the huge rollorcoaster rides and Little Boy loved playing with the cars on the rollor coaster tracks. I think he would have played with them for hours! Although he is a little young the sets held up to being played with by a toddler really well and I wouldn’t worry about leaving his sisters creations out for him to play with too, supervised of course!


Bean also loved using some of the K’Nex to make her own creations and I was fascinated watching her make a car herself, without instructions. She tested it on a slope to see how it worked and went back to make modifications. What a great learning experience and she was having fun in the process!

After being treated to a little play with the K’Nex toys and treated to a little breakfast we were shown their big display in the Thorpe Park dome. It was hugely popular and they had some fantastic K’Nex thrill rides on display there that the kids could play with.


We got to choose a set to be sent home to play with later and we are really excited to show you our very own K’Nex creation soon.

The rest of the day we spent trying out some real thrill rides at Thorpe Park. Bean is a bit of a dare devil and absolutely loved all the big scary rides whereas Little Miss J and I were happy on the teacups!!

We made a little video of our day and K’Nex also made a video too (which is much better than ours!). I’ve put them both down below if you wanted to see…




Disclosure – we were invited to a day out in Thorpe Park courtesy of K’Nex. We had a wonderful day and all thoughts and opinions here are my own. 


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