Dear Bean…what I’d like to tell you about money.

Ah little Bean. As you are all to keenly aware even now at the tender age of 6, money is what makes the world go round. As much as we might like to think that money isn’t important – it is. Money buys you a home, warmth, food and clothing. It also buys you little luxuries along the way, like your Moshi Monsters and your Ballet and Violin lessons. Of course, Moshi Monsters aren’t a necessity, but a home and warmth and food certainly are.

Daddy and I try hard to teach you the value of money. You have pocket money so that you learn to save up for things that you really want and no to spend it all on sweets. The lesson is hard, especially as you were born into a family and an era where wants and needs are met quickly. We have also started to give you a little money in exchange for doing small chores, such as putting the socks away or tidying the books in your room. I know you don’t understand properly quite yet, but this is the key to what I want to teach you about money – you have to work hard to earn it.

Mummy and Daddy had to work hard to get to the position where we can afford to give you all that you have. We work hard for our money and we appreciate it. We want to instil the same ethic into you and your sister. Work hard play hard. Do well at school, get a good job and you will be able to afford all the things that money can buy.

And for all the things that money can’t buy, we are here. We will always give you love and cuddles and make you feel safe. We try to instil good values in you and help you to be kind, so that one day you will find someone equally lovely to work hard (and play hard!) with and on top of that give you all the love and happiness that money can’t buy.
This post is an entry to the ThinkMoney Children’s Financial Advice competition. 


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