DK Carol Vorderman 10 Minutes A Day Book Review

Over the summer holidays I tried to get the girls to do a little ‘homework’ each day. Not much, but a little to keep their minds fresh and hopefully send them back to school with a tiny bit extra knowledge!

The trick to getting the girls to do a little work over the holidays was to give them just a little bit each day, ten minutes or so, long enough for them to learn something and short enough that they didn’t get bored.

I was sent a great book by the publishers DK – Carol Vorderman’s 10 Minutes A Day Vocabulary.

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Aimed at 7-11 year old this book has a built in timer (which Bean thought was great) and they can time themselves to do a two page spread. She was really motivated by the timer and she loved working her way through the book. Young children thrive by learning in short bursts and these books really help with that.


The workbook has lots of different activities all aimed at widening their vocabulary. It is aimed at 7-11 year olds and Bean is 8 and it was a little difficult for her. I think the age spread of 7-11 is quite wide, and if something is too difficult it can put her off, but with some help we worked on it together. I definitely think that working through the whole book would have a huge positive impact on her vocabulary and we’ll definitely carry on using it.


For younger children (aged 5-7) there are also other books in the range…

– 10 Minutes A Day Spelling Fun (ages 5-7) (DK, £5.99)

– Made Easy Spelling Punctuation and Grammar (ages 5-7) (DK, £3.99)

– 10 Minutes A Day Maths (ages 5-7) (DK, £5.99)

I’ll definitely be trying out some of these with JB next year when she turns 5. For more information about all the books in the range check out DK’s website.

Disclosure – I was provided with a book for the purposes of this review, all opinions are honest and my own.


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