Dreamstars Bush Baby World Animated Series

Have your children seen Bush Baby World Toys yet? They are cute little toys from Bush Baby World which encourage imaginative and nurturing play. I know that my 6 year old, Little Miss J will absolutely love them as she likes anything soft and cute that she can pretend to take care of. The different Bush Babies have their own look and style and role too. They each come from a different part of Bush Baby World.

For Bush Baby World fans there is some exciting news because there is a Dreamstars Bush Baby World has a new animation series coming featuring all your favourites from Bush Baby World. Children’s writer Miranda Larson (who has previously written for Disney, Nickelodeon and CBeebies) is on board as lead writer, while the animation is being directed by CharacterShop (which also worked on Woolly and Tig).

It looks really bright and energetic and I know that children love seeing their toys brought to life on the screen so I know that this will be a big hit with Bush Baby World fans. What I love about the series is the ethos that they promote – friendship, teamwork and that the Bush Babies protect the Dreamtree which makes happy dreams for children. The episodes are nice and short too which means that your little one isn’t getting too much screen time and you can watch an episode or two without them being glued to the TV for half an hour.

Sounds good right! Take a look for yourself, in this episode you’ll meet Princess Melina, Princess of Bush Baby World as she celebrates her birthday!

I’m sure that your little one will love this, it’s a big hit with my 6 year old!


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