Dressing up for charity?

This year for Children in Need 2014 the children were asked to dress up as superheroes for school and make a donation towards Children in Need.

All well and good if you already have a superhero outfit but what happens if you don’t? Many feel the pressure to go out and buy one. Most parents don’t have the time and skills to make one so what else do you do?

Personally I really object to the idea of spending a lot of money on a fancy dress item and then giving £1 to charity. It makes more sense to me to give the £10 / 15 you spend on the fancy dress item to charity. Which is exactly what we did this year. We cobbled together superhero outfits from what we had and made an extra donation to Children in Need. After all, that’s where the money should be going right? So please please think about this next time you have to find a dress up outfit for charity. Is there something you can use / borrow? Every extra penny counts for the charity.

Homemade superhero costume


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