Enjoying Spring

In our family we truly love every season and we have something very special which we do to mark the changing seasons. In the autumn we kick leaves, in the winter we make snowmen (hopefully!) and in the spring we pick flowers and run in the grass.

When Bean came out of school this week she and Jelly Baby spent some time just running around in the grass outside school. We are really lucky that school is surrounded by lots of greenery, parks and playgrounds so they can really have some fun before heading home. Jelly Baby ran around with Bean and her friends, picking dandelions and playing in the tree blossom. They are so little, so carefree and so in love with nature at that age, it is a really special thing to see. I would definitely encourage everyone to slow down a little sometimes, don’t rush home to make tea, spend a little time picking the flowers and watching the children laugh and play and enjoying the spring sunshine.

picking flowers

This photo is an entry into the Tots100/Curious George competition.


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