Fabric Bow Tutorial

Fabric Bow Tutorial

Here is  an easy little tutorial on how to make a cute bow out of fabric. You can use this little bow to embellish hairbands, clips, clothes – anything that takes your fancy!

Firstly cut out a rectangle of fabric and fold over the top, bottom and sides and iron to hold.


Then sew down the middle to hold in place.


Fold up into a bow shape (the sewn line will be hidden.

Fabric bow tutorial

Take a smaller rectangle of fabric, fold in half with right sides together and sew down one side.


Turn inside out and sew ends together to form a loop. Turn inside out so that the raw edge is on the inside of the loop. Slip this loop over your bow to secure it in place, trim the excess.


Voila! I used mine to decorate a headband.


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How to make a fabric bow



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