A Family Adventure Day in London

A Family Adventure Day in London

School holidays are expensive there is no doubt about that. You want to take the kids out and enjoy themselves but you have to be careful as before you know it the cost has gone mad and you’ve spent a fortune.

When we plan a day out I always plan ahead and see where I can get into for free, if I can get offers or vouchers off restaurants and I give us a budget to stick to so we don’t spent too much money.

We recently headed into London for a day out, and were challenged by the Lending Stream to have a family adventure on a budget of £100. They wanted us to show how well we can utilise a budget and enjoy a day out and so we did! See how we got on!

We got into London mid-morning. We took a packed breakfast to eat on the coach and bought drinks at a service station.


Cost £10.

We headed to Dishoom, Daddy’s favourite place for brunch. We ate well which we hoped would fill us up for the rest of the day.



Cost £25.

Next we visited London Aquarium. I had tickets to review there so it didn’t cost us anything.


Cost £0

We had a little walk along the Southbank and saw the street performers. We gave them a little change as they were so good.


Cost £2.

We headed to The Natural History museum after that for a little look around. We stopped to eat our picnic dinner and have a beer on the grass outside. Entrance to the museum is free but we bought a couple of souvenirs in the shop.


Cost £20

We then headed to the theatre to see our eldest daughter perform in her stage show. The tickets cost us £10 each.

Cost £30

We travelled around the city on the tube with our Oyster cards. We only hopped on the tube a few times so the cost was minimal and children travel free.

Cost £13

Total = £100

It is quite possible to have a great day out on a budget and London certainly could be expensive if you would let it be. We saved money by taking food with us and only buying one meal and a couple of drinks. Travel by public transport is cheap too. I made sure we had two activities for the day (London Aquarium and the National History Museum) which didn’t cost us money. Granted entry to the Aquarium isn’t usually free but there are plenty of free attractions in London to choose from. With plenty of planning it just shows that a family adventure day is perfectly achievable on a budget!

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.


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