A Family Photo – August 2016

This month’s family photo was taken in the Isabella Plantation in Richmond Gardens. The children and I had just spent a week in London on our own and we were reunited with Daddy who came down at the weekend. I used to go to Isabella Plantation as a child with my dad. I don’t have many good memories of time with my dad but I did like coming here on a Sunday afternoon and running and around and exploring.

I moved from home in Surrey to Aberystwyth when I was 18 and never really went back, except for little visits so it is weird sometimes to visit my childhood haunts. They don’t really feel like home to me, I have no nostalgia for the place but at the same time it is nice to take the children to some of these places. I have a real longing to go back to Greenwich where I lived until I was about 10 because I have never been back there and I’d love to bring back those memories. In some ways I think that would feel a lot more like home than Surrey ever did.

Ah well, enough of my rambling reminiscing! Here’s this month’s photo! I think this month they finally all cracked it and realised that if they sit still the ordeal of posing for the monthly photo will be over quicker! This one is the first one I took believe it or not!

family photo august 2016

I hope you’ve all been having a fantastic summer. I’ve really enjoyed writing about our adventures on this blog this year and I know they will be fantastic memories to look back on.


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