#FF Follow Friday – Mamma’s Gone City

Today’s follow friday shout out goes to a blog which started me blogging – Mamma’s Gone City.

It’s no secret that I would LOVE to go to America. I would LOVE to live there, even though I’ve never been. I know that it is a stupid romantic ideal brought about by too many American movies, but it’s how I feel. Unfortunately as hubby is a Solicitor, it is the one occupation that they do not need more of over there so we have zero change of getting a Green Card. Boo Hoo.

Maybe that is why I love this blog – Jessica lives in NY City, with three young kids under 5, and she blogs about the experience. Originally from California living in the city has brought about some unique challenges, and it is really interesting to read. I also love her style, and her ability to manage a successful job with balancing her three children. Kudos.

My favourite post was one where she shared her children’s room / nursery, find it here. Fitting three children into one room would be a huge challenge for me, but she does it, and with style. I love it, and it is surely justification enough for me to squash another little one into our house 🙂

AND she is a super friendly tweep. Check out her blog now and immerse yourself in some over the pond culture – www.mammasgonecity.com



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