Flavours of Together

We are really lucky to have some really close friends. The type that you can rely on to come to your aid if you just asked. The type who will celebrate your birthday with you every year, who will come and see your child in their swimming lessons and who will give you a cuddle through the bad times.

Luckily these friends love food as much as we do – and we try to get together as often as we can to enjoy a relaxed meal and a good old catch up. More often than not we’ll have a curry – cooked by one of us, with plain old normal ice cream for pud. Nothing fancy, no airs or graces or dinner party etiquette – just good friends sharing a meal.

The ‘boys’ are big curry connoisseurs so will much is made of the flavour of the food – of the different types of curry cooked and enjoyed. The best thing about curry is that you can make a different dish each time – using different spices, different flavours so that the meal is always different and interesting. Cooking a curry will always bring to mind my lovely friends and the precious times we have spent sharing dinner together.

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