#Follow Friday: The Veg Pot

Welcome to another instalment of my Follow Friday series of posts where I like to share with you other interesting blogs that I love.

Today’s #follow friday goes to The Veg Pot.

This blog is dedicated to vegetarian recipes, and those I have tried are completely yum (and very straightforward to prepare). I believe I have shared some on here previously when I have tried them out.

I am a vegetarian, and my children are vegetarian. I have come across many ‘haters’ and pretty much every time I sit down to a meal at another person’s house I have to have the ‘vegetarian’ conversation. So here it is…

I don’t eat meat because I think it is wrong to kill animals for food (or for any reason come to think of it!). You can eat what you like, I’m not forcing my thoughts upon you, they are just my beliefs. My husband is a definite carnivore and I will occasionally cook him meat, as I will cook it for others if I feel it is appropriate. I don’t love doing so, but I do it anyway.

For me it’s not about the inhumane manner in which livestock ‘lives’ and dies – which is an definite issue anyway, but for me, I don’t value my life any more than that of a cow, or a chicken or a pig. If I was dying and I could kill a pig to eat it and survive I don’t think I would. Maybe I would to feed my kids, but then we all know that we would do ANYTHING for our kids so that doesn’t count.

So anyway, sit down with this blog, even if you are not vegetarian. Have a veggie meal one day a week and spare a life.


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