#Follow Friday – Venetian Masquerade Masks

I LOVE a party, especially one with a theme. This year my best friend had a masquerade party for her 30th and it was so much fun choosing masks and glamming up for a night.

Seeing as New Year’s Eve is coming up and some of you may have been invited to some glamorous parties, I thought I would share with you this great website I found which sells some great Venetian masks – www.venetianmasquerademasks.co.uk

They have a fantastic selection, from the really glamorous…(which I love!!)

to some great budget options…(from an amazing £2.99 plus postage)

They even have a more risqué, 50 shades of grey-esque selection for the more adventurous of you 😉

Postage is free over £40 and they offer discounts for large parties and charity balls etc. We are arranging another fundraiser for our church next year…I wonder if I can convince them to go for a masquerade ball?! I need an excuse to buy one of these beautiful masks again!!




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