#FollowFriday – Anything Goes Quilting Bee

This summer I joined a quilting bee. This is one of the fabulous things about Twitter – it connects you to people across the country and even globe and enables you to organise fabulous things with people you have never actually met. I used to have penpals when I was younger, and to be it has a similar excitement!

So a lovely lady called Anna wanted to set up a quilting bee, I joined as did 10 other people and the rest is history! Follow our blog detailing the quilts we are making and our progress here – AnythingGoesQuiltingBee.

How does a quilting bee work?

I am new to quilting, and to quilting bees altogether so I was a little unsure how they worked so I did a little research. They were historically popular as a way of getting quilts finished quicker. Women would meet and complete their blocks, and make a quilt for a special occasion like a wedding. It was quite a social thing!

In this modern world our quilting bee works slightly differently. Fabric is posted to each member of the bee who then completes the block and returns it to the sender.

Instructions are found on the blog. Then the first quilt can be made up and the next month it is someone else’s turn. I received my first fabric bundle yesterday so that will be my job for the weekend.

My turn to design a block doesn’t come around until next August, by which time I hope to be a practised quilter! We’ll see! Come check our progress on the blog!


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