#followfriday – Tired Mummy of Two

Today’s #followfriday goes to a lovely lady and her blog – Tired Mummy of Two.

Yesterday she received the devastating news that her little girl has leukaemia. As a mother I don’t want to even imagine the horror of such a diagnosis. The family need any support that we can give.


One of my friends has been suffering from breast cancer. Our wonderful church have rallied around, cooking meals, gardening, driving her to hospital appointments and having her daughter for play dates. We can’t take away the pain of having such an illness, but we can try to show our love, support and make life that little bit easier.

As I am not local, not a ‘real life friend’, my form of support for this fellow blogger I met via Twitter is to recommend her blog. I am sure that writing it will offer her an outlet for the multitude of emotions that she will be feeling, and I hope that we can offer some support through our virtual connection.

Sending much love to Elizabeth, and wishing her all the best with her treatment. xx



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  1. August 31, 2012 / 9:39 pm

    What a shock for that lovely family and their precious little girl. You are so kind to spread the word – I’ll be thinking and praying for them this weekend, Avril x

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