#Followfriday – Tots100

Today’s #followfriday goes to Tots100.

This is an online blogging network for Mummy and Daddy bloggers and boasts over 4000 members.

Bloggers can sign up, and be ranked in the ‘Tots100’ – you will see my score on my blog. at the time of writing I am somewhere in the 400’s which is quite an achievement I think for such a new blog!

But the reason I am telling you about Tots100 is not because of the vanity of seeing your position in their ratings (although this is a reason in itself!) but because of the ideas, inspiration, and opportunities that Tots100 can provide. They have regular competitions, with fantastic prizes, at the moment there is one to win a stay in Center Parcs – wowzers.

They highlight interesting blogs, encourage linkys and provide awareness of several good causes such as Tommy’s and Saying Goodbye, both of which I have blogged about recently. Should I be short of inspiration for this blog, I would only have to turn to Tots100 and I can guarantee I would come away with something really awesome and worthwhile to blog about.

Tots100 also can help your blog to be a money spinner (although mine unfortunately isn’t!). They have some interesting e-books for download and even a platform to put PPC advertising on your website. Fantastic news for whose who want to make some dosh from their blog.

So well done Tots100 for encouraging the networking of bloggers, for inspiring us and for providing us with some great competition prizes to go for!


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