For a Special Husband

A Special Husband

I don’t write much about the hubby on here. I’ve talked about how he is a great daddy a little but not about how he is a great husband too.


He is there for me, through thick and thin, no matter what. I could call him anytime of the day or night and he would battle hell and high water to get to me. Whatever I ask him to do, he will do, no questions. He is absolutely supportive of whatever I want to do, and will bend over backwards to help me to achieve my goals.

We’ve been through buying a house together, selling a house together, a traumatic childbirth, a miscarriage and two caesarean sections together. He has got up in the nights, done night feeds where he can, changed a thousand nappies and let me catch up on some well needed sleep whenever I have asked. He has worked incredibly hard at work to give us the lifestyle we enjoy and he never complains about doing things around the house when he gets home. When I wanted to stay at home with the little ones he didn’t complain about the loss of my income, he just worked harder to compensate.

He had a very difficult childhood, losing his father, stepfather and sister all within a short space of time while he was only young and yet he never dwells on the negatives, only on the positives. He is there for his family and friends too, no matter what.

We very rarely get time alone together, and I can’t remember the last time we even went out together without the children. We visited Florence on our honeymoon and he declared that it was his favourite place – I’d love to make the time soon to spend some quality time together again.



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