Friends and wine…

So today I made up for the fact that I have been stuck indoors for two days. Bean was feeling better so went off to school. Jelly Baby and I enjoyed the sun, did some washing and generally had fun this morning together. This afternoon we then went to our mother and baby group. The group was blissfully quiet with only a few of us there which was nice. I had a lovely chat and Jelly baby got lots of attention and had fun swinging in the baby swing!

After school we went over to Bean’s friends house. These friends have just moved to our town so we were able to walk over there (lovely in this weather). I love walking with the girls. Jelly Baby gets some fresh air and I can really chat to Bean about the world and life in general. They both had a whale of a time on their playmate and mummy had a glass of wine and a perusal of the Next sale online. The glass of wine was a special treat as we were walking home 🙂

I cannot wait to do this more often as the summer approaches.  Just blissful happy times.


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