Getting ready in the morning…

One of the biggest challenges I face everyday is getting the kids ready and out of the house on time.

Now I can manage the kids, it is really ME I don’t manage very well. So one day I was sick and tired of heading off to school with my hair scraped back and no make up on and I decided to change all that.

I was chatting with some other mums from school the other day and the general consensus was that it took them 30-40 minutes to get ready in the morning. Wow I thought, I would literally spend 5 minutes on getting dressed and brushing my teeth! I thought about what was the difference between us. Granted they go to work and I work from home but was this enough of a reason to sell myself so short?

Now we have a new routine, and generally I am much more presentable in the mornings. The girls get up at 7, the baby has her milk and a nappy change and gets dressed-she is done! Meanwhile I will gently nag Bean to put on the uniform I laid out, usually helping more than I would like. I make sure that she is done, hair and all before she comes downstairs. I then feed the girls their breakfast and make the lunch box. I grab a cuppa for myself and then head to the bathroom. The baby sits happily in her highchair while Bean plays with her. I can hear them at all times so know they are ok.

I give myself 15 mins which is enough for a quick shower, dressed, fix hair and make up. Nowhere near enough time but all I can scrape together, and certainly more than before! The girls then join me for teeth brushing and we put shoes on and off we go. I won’t lie and say we never rush, we are almost always rushing but we are never late!

And I don’t look perfect, in fact I am sporting some rather chipped looking nail varnish but I look presentable, which is a start!


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