I’m really enjoying my Amazon Prime reading and this week I’ve just finished reading Burying the Honeysuckle Girls by Emily Carpenter. I was drawn to the book by the description and I read it really quickly. It started off really well but descended into a little bit of chaos in the storytelling but I still really enjoyed it.

burying the honeysuckle girls


I’m also still ploughing through all the soppy films on Netflix! I’m loving having them on in the background while I’m working. This week I’ve watched The Virgin Suicides (an oldie but a goodie!), Safe Haven and The Choice. I loved all of them! I don’t know if I’m as productive watching them while I work but I’m enjoying watching them nevertheless!

It goes without saying that this week I’ve been watching Glastonbury on TV. Ed Sheeran was amazing! I am absolutely desperate to go – it’s on my bucket list! I’d even be tempted to take the kids!

I’ve been getting my craft on with Little Boy this week and we made this ‘super rocket’ which he loved!

I’ve also been making smoothies again and this green smoothie looks bright but was absolutely delicious! It’s made from a pre-frozen packet by Pack’d and it makes smoothie making a breeze!

I’ve been loving wearing lighter clothes as the weather has been warmer. This dress is from George at Asda and the shoes are from ASOS.

I’ve been really struggling this week (and a lot of other weeks) with everything that I have to do, juggling work, the kids and other commitments. I realised that I can’t do everything and neither should I. Over the next few weeks I’m going to be thinking lots about how we can pull together as a family, so that it’s not just me doing everything. My husband needs to do a lot more than he currently does and I really need to inspire my children to start helping out around the house. Start them young I say! Viva la Revolution, it’s starting here this summer! This mama is taking her life back!