Going offline

Last weekend we went off for a little break to Lee Abbey with our church. We have been there four times now and I would whole heartedly recommend it. It is so nice to have some time to refresh and renew and you don’t need to do a thing there as everything is taken care of for you. You are cooked delicious food, made plenty of tea and coffee, have somewhere warm to sleep, plenty of places to relax, a library of books to browse and the beautiful scenery of the local area to enjoy. This photo was taken as I watched Little Miss J run about in the sea and Baby S was kicking a football along the stones. It was so peaceful.


I’ll probably write a whole post about our weekend away but for now I’ll say that the best part of it was being able to tune out from social media for a while. There isn’t even phone signal at Lee Abbey so you are really forced to cut off from the online world, which as a blogger who is immersed in it completely every day, is quite blissful! Of course there is nothing stopping me turning my phone off at weekends and on Sundays I might do just that.

I think our lives have become to constantly busy with one thing or another that we need to actually make time to do nothing. To sit and watch a movie as a family without browsing Instagram on your phone. To take a walk and photograph some flowers just because they are pretty and not to share on social media. To cook good food and share it with people you love without using it as a chance to blog about a recipe.

Time off is really important and as bloggers we don’t actually get too much of it. Going forward I’m going to make sure I go offline on Sunday afternoons and simply enjoy life.

going offline



  1. June 19, 2016 / 1:04 am

    Disconnect to reconnect, Ill have to remember this when we go on holiday as I don’t do well without tech lol

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