Growing into new bedrooms

Now the girls have reached the ripe old age of one and five we thought it was time to update their bedrooms. Bean’s had damaged wallpaper from an old leak and she needed to upgrade from her toddler bed.

Jelly’s bedroom is small so less could be done. Although I wanted to change the decor from neutral to girly, finances wouldn’t permit and I do like the current Mamas and Papas theme. She did need a wardrobe and the changing table was rather defunct now she likes to roll and protest during most nappy changes!

Bean asked for bunk beds for her birthday. Now I was a little wary of this given that she is the most accident prone child I have ever met. But we do have to let go sometimes and to be honest the spare bed could come in handy. I am really glad we got them because they are so much fun and her room looks lovely. The spare bed will be tested by one of my best old university pals (I have promised him the Disney princess bedding!!).

We went for double beds found in Next. They have a metal frame and I chose these because although I prefer the look of wood (white wood that is) these have a higher difference between the bunks so I can sit comfortably there and read to the girls. I am really pleased with them and they look lovely. I did buy a really cheap mattress for the top bunk though so it would be thin and therefore less likely that Bean falls out!

They have been up for less than a week and Bean has already fallen headfirst down the ladder…I think she learned her lesson though – she let go when climbing down (I mean – who does that?!)

I’ve added some pics because I think that the rooms are really cute and because I like to nose at other people’s houses and thought you might like to too!





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