Growing up…

So Jelly and Bean had their birthday party last weekend – this means that they are 1 and 5 respectively. Now these are BIG ages. 1 is obviously a milestone, and 5 is too – all of a sudden Bean has ‘grown up’. She looks less like a baby and more like a child. She communicates really well, is independent and has her own personality.

Jelly is just starting to walk and her little personality is developing. She is getting more frustrated at being left behind – she wants to be doing what her big sister does. This is also frustrating for Bean who of course wants to do her own thing without her little sister wrecking everything she touches!

These are truly great times though. The girls are starting to play with each other and Jelly is becoming (a little) more independent. I ┬ácan’t wait for the summer – no school and out and about with each other playing in the sun (if the British Weather allows!). Watching them grow up is sad, but it also reminds me that there are plenty of fun times ahead to look forward to.

Can I go to school yet?!


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