Bathtime Fun

Bath time is a fun time in this house. The girls love to splash in the bath and enjoy playing with their toys and making potions! Baby Sprout is getting in on the action a bit more now that he can sit up and he likes to do his fair share of splashing too!

I’m always on the look out for great bath toys and we have a box full which we keep in the bathroom. I love bath time play as the girls really thrive on the change of scenery and the relaxing atmosphere at bathtime and they always have lots of fun.

We were recently sent a tub of H&A foam alphabet letters to test out.


We did have lots of fun testing them out!

We have three little people who regularly need baths!

They love bubbles, bath toys and generally making bathtime fun and messy! They have had a great time with the foam letters – sticking them on the wall and bath, making words, ordering them into the alphabet and just swimming in them! As a parent I think they are great because they are educational as well as fun – they are a great tool to help JB learn her letters without it seeming like a chore. Bean loves to practice spelling words with them and Baby Sprout is mesmerised by the bright colours and just enjoys watching his sisters have fun!

We’d love to share with you some more bathtime adventures 🙂


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