A Hallway Makeover…

We’re coming up to the end of my house makeover – nesting really has had me motivated this time! Unfortunately I don’t have any before pictures of this one, but our hallway used to be a mass of coats and shoes and it was difficult to get a pushchair in if the shoes were everywhere. Lots of dust also used to collect around the shoes which was a pain when I was cleaning.

So we needed shoe storage and we needed to declutter the coats and bags. I put all of the coats and bags upstairs except one for each person. For now the raincoats are out – in the winter it will be a winter coat. Different coats / jackets will have to be brought down from upstairs.

We bought this fab shoe storage cabinet from Ikea. It fixes perfectly in the little alcove in the wall and hides plenty of shoe mess. Some shoes are upstairs but this holds all of the shoes that are mainly left downstairs when we traipse in and out.

I bought a cute little spice rack from Home Bargains which I have used as a letter holder. We used to use a basket on a little table in the hall but it held so many letters it I would let them build up until there were 6 months worth! At least this little letter holder looks cute and I will be forced to file things away more often!

To pretty the space up I put some ball lights into a clear vase – they look so pretty at night and popped some fresh flowers in another vase. The little picture I printed myself using a quote I found on Pinterest.

I am so so happy with this space. It is so much more inviting and welcoming without the clutter and it really makes me happy looking at it. The girls really like the fact that they have their own shoe cupboard each too so are really keen to put their shoes away – for now!!


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