Hand Foot and Mouth Disease in Children

Last week was not the best. Both girls came down with hand foot and mouth disease. I’d never seen it before and ended up googling images of it so I thought I would share what it looked like on my girls to help other families diagnose it.

My girls had it quite mildly, so they didn’t really look like other images I found. They were ill for a couple of days before – slight temperature, grumpy and not sleeping well. Then came a rash. It was on their bottoms and thighs and particularly on their knees. Then came the ulcers in the mouth. Having been thrown by the rash on the bottoms and legs I didn’t think about hand foot and mouth at this stage.

Then small blisters appeared on their feet. Dark red in colour and quite flat for blisters. They had a couple on their hands too. By this time they were feeling completely fine in themselves.

The doctor said that although it is quite contagious they didn’t need to be kept off school. I guess this is because they are already contagious before you know that they have it and because it is quite a mild virus. The blisters are a little painful (especially in the mouth) so Bean did take 2 days off school though.

IMG_4636 IMG_4637


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  1. Lorna Craig
    October 18, 2013 / 6:46 am

    awww poor wee things 🙁

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