Handmade Dribble Bibs

Jelly has been teething an awful lot lately and dribbling with it. I had a look online to get her some more dribble bibs but they were quite pricey, and as I thought that the pattern is easy enough I would make some myself.

I simply drew the shape I thought with pencil onto some fabric and did the same with fleece for backing. I then pinned those together, right sides in and machine sewed the edges, leaving a gap for turning the right way. I trimmed the seams with pinking shears and turned the bib the right way round.

I then ironed it so it was nice and flat and sewed round the edge once more to close the hole and to give it a neat look. I finished it with press poppers I got in hobby craft.

These can be made with little scraps of fabric and old fleece blankets, so the only real cost is the poppers – about £4 for ten in Hobbycraft but I imagine you can get them for much cheaper on eBay.

I have made some for sale in my online shop (using new fabric of course!). Check them out!


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