A Handy Cushion Tutorial – With Hillarys Country Crafts

When Hillarys Blinds set a challenge to make a unique ‘country crafts’ design using a 100cm by 100cm square of their fabric I jumped at the chance to design and make this really handy cushion. Downstairs we have three remote controls which are always getting lost and the same happens upstairs – the TV remotes get lost all the time. I wanted something stylish to keep the remotes tidy in but keep them close and as clutter free as possible. I decided that a cushion with pockets to keep things in would be great – handy for keeping remotes and such things close by but neat and tidy.


Firstly cut three 50cm squares from the fabric.  On two of fold an edge over once, and once again and iron down. These will make the envelope back of the cushion so make sure that any pattern in the fabric is running the right way.


Stitch these folds in place.


Then cut a smaller piece of fabric – 50cm by however tall you want your pocket to be. Again fold the top over once, and once again, iron and stitch into place.

Embellish the top of this pocket with a slip of co-ordinating ribbon (optional).


Place the pocket fabric on top of the remaining fabric square, right sides both facing up. Pin together. On the back draw lines where you want your pocket lines to be. Sew along these lines in a co-ordinating thread. Stop just before the ribbon edge.

IMG_5701 IMG_5702 IMG_5703

Place your two back pieces on top of your front piece, right sides together and pin into place. There will be a bit of overhang on either side  – don’t worry you will cut this off later.


Sew all around your cushion. I use a zig zag stitch to make it nice and strong but you could overlock or use a normal stitch if you like.

Trim the excess edges away and turn inside out. Voila!

This post is an entry into the Hillarys Blinds Country Crafts Competition.


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