Holiday Photo Cards – New Year 2015

Holiday Photo Cards

This year has been a crazy busy one for us. The arrival of little baby Sprout while completely wonderful has turned our lives upside down and left me struggling to find the time to do anything! Invariably things that need doing are given a position of priority and everything important does get done but I do miss those little things that I like to do but don’t have time for at the minute like painting my nails, reading a magazine, even watching TV without falling asleep!

This Christmas the presents got bought, they got wrapped and the dinner got made. The children had a lovely time, but one thing that I love doing every year is making a personalised Christmas card for friends and family and I failed on that front this year.

To make up for it I am planning on sending New Year cards. Now I actually really am looking forward to this. I want some great pictures of the children to feature and to send a lovely message to all our friends and family who we have missed due to being so busy for the second half of 2014.

A company called Minted has really caught my eye – their range of holiday photo cards look so luxurious! They have a great website where you can upload your pictures onto any one of tonnes of pre-designed cards and they will print them out and post them to you. They can even print a¬†message on the inside and you can upload the recipient’s addresses so that the envelopes come pre-printed. I cannot tell you how much time that would save me and will make sending New Year cards an absolute breeze.

My favourite thing about these cards though is the design options. You can pick from so many different designs, and customise the colours, customise them with photos, customise the text and even the envelopes. They look like really great quality cards. I also think that sending one of these post Christmas makes them a little more special and hopefully will be that much more treasured.

Here are some of my favourite designs, what do you think?

new year card 1 new year 2

new year 3

new year 4

I have written this post in collaboration with in exchange for a gift voucher for use on their site. Keep an eye on my social media Instagram / Facebook and Twitter to take a look at the finished cards that I chose.


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