I Heart My Pet


It’s no secret that as a veggie I am an animal lover. But to tell you the truth I never really wanted a pet. I didn’t want to deal with the inevitable once their happy life was over. But having Bean changed that. I wanted her to have a pet – something to look after, to care for and to love. And of course with love comes loss and I would teach her how to deal with that too.

So when Bean was 18 months we decided to rescue a kitten. But when we went to see them we fell in love with all of them and ended up bringing two sisters home. They are gorgeous tortoiseshell cats with lovely temperaments. Polly is fluffy and very attention seeking. Amber is our fat cat – no matter how much we restrict her food she is still fat! She is quieter, very shy around people but just as loving and snuggly if she likes you!

We have been very lucky that the cats have been good as gold with the girls. Bean used to carry them around by their necks when they were small, but now they are bigger and can fight back they don’t. The most they will do is swipe with their paw if they are getting annoyed, but they keep their claws in, they have never marked the girls. In return the girls have been taught to treat them gently and with respect. They laugh and play with them and help to feed them. They really are the perfect little additions to our family.

Of course as we love them so much keeping them healthy is important to us and most pet owners feel the same. the National Office for Animal Health revealed that 77% of people believe their pet’s health is as important as or more important than their own. There is lots of information on pet health over on the Pet Health Info website.


Disclosure – this post was written as a competition entry.


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  1. January 30, 2014 / 2:05 pm

    You pet looks so serious.. 🙂

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