Do you help your child with their homework?

Bean is now in Year 2 and is starting to bring home a fair amount of homework. I have set her up with a homework box so that she has everything she needs to do her homework and I usually leave her to it while I make dinner and Jelly Baby does some drawing. I pop in and out to answer any questions she has and check it over when she is done.

My problem this week is that she did her homework wrong. Well, not wrong as such, but she didn’t answer all the questions properly. So I told her that she needed to check it as she had missed some things out. Would she listen to me? No of course not. I couldn’t possibly be right, she was right. How could I possibly know better than her how to do her homework??!!

So I am left in the dilemma of sending her in with rubbish homework, or making her change it. The school swot in me quivers at the thought of sending in poorly done homework, but then the evil mother inside thinks it will serve her right.

I think that I have the right approach to the homework situation, she does it and I just offer help as and when asked, I believe that homework is for children to do and not for parent’s to do, but I feel that I should still be giving her guidance, especially when she has blatantly done it wrong. The problem is that she won’t listen to that guidance. I did try to tell her that I have been to school, and to university, and actually have TWO degrees but to no avail, I am obviously as stupid as they come in her eyes.

So I am going to let her hand in the wrong homework and try not to shout and dance “I told you so” when it is marked.

Well, what would you do?


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  1. Aimee ford-young
    November 14, 2013 / 6:52 am

    Could it be she doesn’t like or understand the subject? I think it would depend on how wrong she had got it for me, but at the end of the day, it’s not coursework or anything like that so I would probably let it go.

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