How To Choose Stylish And Child Friendly Furniture

Children are blessing to you but not always to your furniture. Accidental spillages, mucky hands and mutilated surfaces in the name of playtime may become a constant problem in your household if precautions are not taken. But there is no need to sacrifice your favourite style of furniture in fear of it being damaged. This list will provide some handy tips to make sure your room looks gorgeous and can remain that way for the long journey of parenthood.

  1. Flooring and Rugs

Colourful, bright and fun rugs can provide a nice contrast to any polished wood flooring. Although carpeted floors can provide warmth to any bare feet, it can be prone to stains and spillages from daily family life. It is never fun to sweep up crumbs from a rug. Wood flooring is a fantastic means of easy cleaning. If you wish to maintain the fun of your room, do not be afraid to invest in some rugs. Your kids will surely love them.


  1. Sofa Materials

Sofas can be made of anything these days. While leather is a safe way to avoid stains or fabric tears, a cheap way of finding a sofa can be to buy one that has been recycled. Search in thrift shops or on online stores for any objects that may catch your eye or match with your theme. A vintage piece of furniture can really add to the dynamic of your room. You can even invest in oak furniture, a recommendation for this being found on Factory Direct Furniture, to give your home an older, rustic look. Why not spruce them up with colourful pillows to give them a homely touch?

  1. Extra Sofa Protection

While you can choose appropriate materials to increase the lives of your sofa and furniture, it can never hurt to find extra covers to avoid any stain attacks. Sofa covers are soon to become your best friends, for they can avoid the worst disasters just by being laid upon the original materials. Say that your child is painting or writing on the sofa, there would be no permanent scars to the original sofa material as it will have a safety blanket keeping it from harm. There are a variety of styles and colours, so feel free to search online to find what colour and texture will best suit your living quarters, as well as what your children may find vibrant and comfortable.

  1. Open Cabinets and High Table Tops

It’s true that high open cabinets, windows and glass table surface protectors can add to the natural light inside of your room, through reflections and perspective but they can also be a threat to your children. It is important not to sacrifice style but remember to keep your children in mind when picking out products. Think of the dangers it could cause them if broken, as well as a means of keeping items locked out of the way so they cannot reach them. You may want to consider investing in a child lock if you have your heart set on a certain style of dresser or cabinet, or even a safety gate to keep them away from any glass objects in the room.

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