Why I ‘Wasted’ My Vote

Why I ‘Wasted’ My Vote

Today is the General Election. A massively important day for our country. For the past few weeks I have seen increased activity on social media and in newspapers and television about who we should vote for. The news has been dominated with criticism Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May. If my Facebook feed is anything to go by, Labour are in for a win, but the bookies show a Conservative win so who can tell. I don’t want Labour to win, but I couldn’t bring myself to vote Conservative because I don’t completely agree with their policies either and I refuse to vote for them just to keep Corbyn out. So I didn’t vote for either, I ‘wasted’ my vote on someone else and if you read on you’ll find out why.

The one thing that has been conspicuously absent though is any real notice being taken of all the other political parties. After the failed coalition between Liberal Democrats and Conservatives in 2010 the Liberal Democrats appear to have completely fallen off the radar. There are numerous other political parties, The Green party being one of the more well known, but The Women’s Equality Party, Plaid Cymru, BNP, SNP, and the oddly named Pirate Party, among others. Take a look at their manifestos, see what they stand for, you might just find yourself nodding along to one of them. No judgements here, you vote for who speaks to you.

I was torn who to vote for this year. I agree and disagree equally between the policies of the Conservatives and Labour. I’m not a ‘loyal’ supporter of either, I’ll vote for the party that I feel will do the best for our country. As I was thinking about which I should vote for I suddenly thought why don’t I consider the other candidates? Well, because that would be a wasted vote surely? Everyone thinks that. But if everyone just voted for who they wanted we wouldn’t have this ridiculous two party system. There is so much dissatisfaction with both parties why not consider giving your vote to someone new? The only way to make a real change is to say our bit, make a stand and make a difference, no matter how small.


I voted a few days ago by postal vote. It is so important that we vote and it really couldn’t be easier. So no matter who you vote for, please go out and vote today.

I know that a lot of my readers are women under 35, and this group is the least likely to vote. Please change that. Vote. And vote for who you want to, because you believe in them, not because you don’t think you have any other choice or because you will be wasting your vote. As long as your vote is used it will never be wasted.



  1. Dawn
    June 8, 2017 / 11:32 am

    The Conservative party is selling off NHS property and causing great damage to the poor and disabled people of this country. I wish people were more informed about these things. Our own NHS staff have pleaded with us to vote Labour before the NHS is broken and privatised. I agree that everyone should exercise their voting rights but they should do so with full knowledge of what is really going on, not what the newspapers say.

    • June 8, 2017 / 11:38 am

      I totally agree, people need to research who they think it is best to vote for. I agree Labour seems a great choice for the NHS and education but sadly not the best choice in other areas. Other parties are also opposed to selling off parts of the NHS. We have more than the two options.

  2. June 11, 2017 / 9:48 pm

    Great post! Totally agree with you but ended up voting Labour for the first time to keep the Tories out of our seat! Hopefully next election won’t need to be quite so 2-party!

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