Ikea and BHS Home Haul Video!

I’m so lucky that I live near Ikea – I love the place! If you have read my recent posts on renovating our house you will know that I buy a lot from there (Pink Bedroom | Blue Bedroom) ! I think the stuff in Ikea is really practical, modern and a good price. I love how convenient it is too – you can basically pick up anything you need in there!

We live close enough that I can pop in every now and again and just have a browse, see what new things they have and enjoy the really cheap food and free hot drinks (on a weekday!). They have a fabulous creche too which the girls love playing in so we often head there in the holidays even when we don’t need anything from there. Although, yes I will usually always buy something!

Anyway, this time I headed there with the purpose of buying some finishing touches for the bathroom. Obviously once I was in there I was suckered into buying other things as you will see! I was quite impressed though that I had £50 in vouchers and I spent £50.49 so I came away feeling pretty pleased with myself as it felt like a free shopping trip!!

While I was in Cardiff Bay I popped into BHS as they are having their closing down sale. This made me quite sad – I remember going around BHS with my mother all the time when I was younger. it’s another one of our British Institutions going down. They had a few bargains but nothing was massively reduced yet. I’d keep checking it out if you have one close to you but be aware that you can’t take anything back now because it is in administration.

Take a look at the video below and you can see everything I bought. I had a little helper for this video – she loves YouTube and loves making videos with me! Maybe she is a future YouTube star in the making?!

I’m hoping to have my post about the finished bathroom up this week so make sure you come back to check out what I’ve done with all these bits and pieces I bought!

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home haul video


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