Why I’ll never be an awesome photo mummy

Like so many of you I love taking photos of my children. I like displaying them around the house and generally love the memories that these photos capture. Obviously I think that my girls are gorgeous and I want everyone else to see that too, but often they have different ideas!

Bean is prone to grinning like an idiot and Jelly Baby…well she HATES having her photo taken so much that we are really worried that we won’t even be able to get her a passport to go abroad next year!

This year I thought it would be really cute to dress the girls up in their matching Christmas jumpers and take their picture in front of the tree to use as Christmas cards for close friends and family. Yes, it was a great idea in theory, in practice look what I got to work with….

And yes, Jelly Baby is actually making herself sick crying in one of those!

So seeing as I wasn’t going to get any good pics I thought I would go with the flow and embrace it…Merry Christmas from our little family!



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