I’m Part Of The Netflix Stream Team!

Is it weird to say that I can’t remember a time before Netflix existed?! It’s truly a part of our family life now. I love how there is something for all of us on there, from Little Boy to Daddy. We’re big fans so I was really excited to be asked to be part of their Stream Team this year.

I’m looking forward to sharing with you what we’re watching on Netflix and chatting with you about our favourite shows. I really like how every member of the family has their own username and because you can set how old each user is, it will only show them age appropriate content. I know then that if they turn it on themselves the children won’t be able to watch anything that’s not suitable.

Little Boy (3)  is Paw Patrol obsessed so it’s fabulous for him (and me when I want to get housework done) that he can watch that on there.

Little Miss J (6) is really enjoying watching a show called Larva and also Barbie: Life in a Dreamhouse.

Bean (10) really enjoys Haunted Hathaways and watching movies.

When we’ve been away this summer taken advantage of the download feature to download some films and shows to the iPad to keep the kids entertained when we’re travelling. This is a great feature, we download a couple for the journey out and swap them for another couple for the journey back.

Of course Netflix isn’t just for the kids, hubby and I watch it too. I often have it on in the background when I’m writing blog posts (yes I’m watching Pretty Little Liars at the moment!). When we get an evening to sit down together we love to choose a movie from the plentiful selection. I like the way it is organised in genre so we can pick depending upon what mood we’re in.

We’re also desperately addicted to watching boxsets on there (isn’t everyone!). We’re in the middle of Suits at the moment and I’m sooo into it! I love having an evening off and snuggling up on the sofa to watch it!

So, that’s what we’re watching on Netflix at the moment, I’m really looking forward to sharing more about this great service with you over the course of the year.


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