International Blog Swap Day – Introducing Mumdanity

Hi, I’m Meg from Mumdanity and I’m taking part in International Blog Swap Day, which is a fab joint initiative from Australia’s Digital Parents and the UK’s Tots100


I’m a first time mum from Melbourne with a cheeky one year old daughter, noisy husband, and neurotic but lovable Border Collie who responds best to ‘Stinky’. As an Aussie mum blogger typing this post in front of my heater in the middle of suburban Melbourne, it’s a real treat to know these words are going to be featured on the wonderful Cookies and Cwtches – on the other side of the world! 


Mumdanity was born shortly after my daughter was in attempt to forge a makeshift anchor to quell the buffets of these uncharted parenting waters – a way to connect with the outside world while glued to the couch with a squirming bub under one arm and a washing basket under the other, a way to try and wipe my fogged up brain clear, and as a way to chat to all the other mums I knew must be plodding around out there covered in rice cereal and baby shampoo. 


Is Mumdanity just another parenting blog, filling up the internet with stories of spilt milk and toddler tantrums? Is my page just another attempt to find the spectacular in the mundane and the brilliant in the boring? Am I just another tired voice complaining about my own personal Mt Everest of dirty laundry and Marianas Trench of lost teddies and suspicious fluff between the couch cushions? 


Yes and no, I suppose. Over the months and posts that have followed Mumdanity’s inception, my little blog has crossed many paths and taken many tangential twists – lessons learnt, stories told, rants unleashed, reflections made, and awkward parental romances like the non-affair of last New Years Eve and the increasingly regular synchronized flump


With the toddler years now approaching, it’s safe to say that Mumdanity has served its original aim. And while the night feeds and bottles wars have become blissfully distant memories, replaced with an alarming volume of half-chewed sultanas pushed beneath the skirting boards, the blogging – and the madness – continues.


So whichever corner of the world you are from, please do feel free to drop by, brew up a nice cuppa, grab yourself a biscuit and join in with the Mumdanity shenanigans –  after all, there are plenty to go around!


Thanks again to Cookies and Cwtches for hosting this post today for International Blog Swap Day – happy reading, blogging and discovering. 


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