Celebration Crispy Cakes

Celebration Crispy Cakes


In the spirit of the Jubilee I made some crispy cakes for the school fete. I LOVE making crispy cakes as they are easy to make, the kids can help and they are quick and cheap to do.

To make these I used rice crispy type cereal and white chocolate. I melted the white chocolate in the microwave (on defrost) and when it was melted Bean added the rice crisps and stirred. I don’t measure this out, I just use a bar of chocolate and add crispies until they are all covered by the chocolate.

To make these Jubilee themed I poked cocktail sticks in them while still wet and printed some little union jacks onto paper which I cut out and glued onto the sticks. This was more time consuming than making the actual cakes! The effect was great and as they set they hold the sticks in making them quite sturdy for transport. The idea would work great with anything that you wanted to add to the flags, be it numbers for birthday cakes or pictures for a themed party – go wild!


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