Kids Activities: Homework

Normally I write about something fun to do with the kids on Saturdays, but today I’m going to write about something else we like to do on Saturdays (and on other days too) – homework.

No, really, Bean loves homework. She doesn’t find it a chore or boring, which is I think due to the way we do it with her, but also maybe just down to the type of child that she is. She thrives on reading, writing and creative things. She behaves badly when she is bored so I like to keep some things around for her to do, such as handwriting practice, simple sums or spellings.

When she was little I would sit her at the dining table and she would paint or colour and I would do the ironing. Now she sits and does some ‘homework’. I call it homework but she doesn’t get most of it from school, I devise things for her to do.

The easiest is to buy some handwriting / spelling / maths exercise books. You can find these quite cheaply in book shops such as The Works and she will happily sit there completing that while I iron away. While I am making breakfast we work on spellings – I downloaded a list of words (This website has some great resources) and we are working our way through learning how to spell those.

We read to her every night and she reads to us. If we have a spare hour on a Saturday we might sit down together and work on some simple maths questions.

The trick is to do it little and often, stop before they get bored and keep it interesting. We have no routine with it, and don’t force her to sit down and do it when she doesn’t want to (which is hardly ever). Bean loves doing her homework and I can really see the difference it is making at school. I want to give her the best chance and start in life and I think that by encouraging her academic progress at home this will help.


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