Kids Activities: Putting up the Christmas Tree

Last weekend our Christmas Tree went up. This is a big event in our house which involves us all getting in the car, driving to pick the fluffiest, tallest, perfectly shaped tree we can find, stuffing it into the car and getting home to realise that it is far too big for our living room. This year was no different!

We bought our tree in Ikea this year as we had been told that they were very reasonably priced which they were – £36 for a 6 foot tree, and you got a leaflet of vouchers, including a £20 off when you spend £60 in the new year. We have got a courtesy car at the moment – a VW Golf which is significantly smaller than our usual Vauxhall Zafira so it was a squash to say the least to get the tree and us all in, but we did it!

Usually I like to have a ‘theme’ for the Christmas decorations i.e. Gold and Cream or Red and Green but this year we have gone with a ‘shabby chic’ theme – shove everything on! I must say I quite like it! So much fun was had adorning the tree and we treated ourselves afterwards to a yummy proper hot chocolate as a treat for all our hard work!

Real Christmas Tree



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