Kids Activities Saturday: An Afternoon at Barry Island

Today we thought we would make the most of the end of the summer and head down to the beach.

The weather is much colder now so we wrapped up, banked on there being some wind and took the kite down to Barry Island. The weather was perfect for a spot of kite flying on the beach, and Bean managed to keep the kite in the air for ages! It was great exercise running about and she kept warm in the process. Jelly and her little friend who came with us had a great time digging in the sand, helping to fly the kite and kicking a ball around.

After a while we headed over to the small fairground where Bean played “Hook a Duck” and won herself a prize. Then we all had a game of crazy pirate golf which whiled away another hour. Bean had never played crazy golf before and it was quite an experience for her learning how to hold a golf club and hit the ball correctly. With a bit of cheating I managed to come second to last 😉

The babies got grumpy but otherwise we would have topped off our visit with a ‘chippy tea’.  A fabulous afternoon in the fresh air, and proving that beaches are great even when the weather isn’t.


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