Little Big Songs Review

I must admit we have had the same children’s CD playing in the car for what feels like the last 7 years. So when I heard about Little Big Songs – a new CD for children I was delighted to review it – anything for a change!

The CD is made up of singable songs which relate to real life – life as your little ones see it. There is a definite educational feel to the CD and the words and stories in the song are perfectly aimed at young children and Bean (7) and Jelly Baby (3) have really enjoyed listening to them and have started to sing along.

There are also complimentary free videos to accompany the songs which can be found on the Little Big Songs website.

For me it was a great change to the usual nursery rhyme CD and one we will definitely have in rotation in the car from now on – the girls are already nagging to hear it whenever we go out!

You can order a CD and download Little Big Songs direct from or from iTunes, AmazonMP3 and other sites.

For £1.50 off this CD use the code ‘littlebig’, then click ‘apply coupon’ at the checkout and this gives £1.50 discount.  It’s valid until 7th September.

little big songs


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