Little Memories #12

It’s been a while since I wrote one of these posts but here are some little memories of my three that I’d like to remember…


#sportsday #sportsday2015 #2nd #happy #sun #8yearsold

#sportsday #sportsday2015 #2nd #happy #sun #8yearsold

You have as usual been a challenge to us lately! You are very cheeky and I’m trying hard to find ways to get you to co-operate. We’re going to introduce a reward chart again next week, which seems a little much when you are 8 years old but I don’t know what else to try!

Last week you had to write and perform a presentation on a sport of your choice. You chose ballet and wanted to do the presentation on powerpoint. I was absolutely amazed by your technological ability! You can inset photos, resize them, and even do things to text boxes that were frustrating me! I was very proud of you!

You were also amazing in your sports day – clearly one of the best in sports in your class which surprised me – because I’m not athletic at all and because you are so academic I hadn’t even thought that you would be good at sports but as usual you impress and amaze me everyday!



You are just as cheeky and funny as always! Recently I caught you talking to your sister about a boy in her class that you have a crush on!! At 4!! I have of course teased you mercilessly about your ‘boyfriend’ ever since! At sports day you refused to watch your sister, instead hanging around watching this boy like a lovestruck teen! It’s so cute and yet scary at the same time! You insist that he’s not your boyfriend but you just like his hairstyle!! Ha ha! If this is a sign of things to come I’m in for trouble!

This week I have been really proud of you as your teachers have started you on the reading programme in school. It’s great that you will have a little head start and I hope that we can continue it over the summer so that you are raring to go in Reception in September.

Baby Sprout


You are 11 months old now and I am utterly traumatised by the proximity of your first birthday!! In the last couple of weeks you have started to crawl, pull yourself up and cruise a little. All you want to do is be on your feet – as soon as you are strong enough you are going to be walking I know it! You have been a little under the weather with a runny nose and cough but you are battling through. You have one bottom tooth and I can see the top two coming through but where is the second bottom one?!!


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