Little Memories #12

Life just flies past lately in a blur of days, and I try my best to hold onto all those little memories. The tiny, small things that make me laugh, make me look at my children and amaze at how much I love them. I love writing this post because I think it celebrates the ordinary little moments in our day to day existence and treasures them.



Every week I say this but you are just getting older and older! You have a little attitude problem at the moment and I have said many times before that this is a little difficult patch we are going through with you. This week you asked me about swearing. I don’t want you to know these words but I know you are getting older and this is part of the territory. I’d love to keep you sweet and innocent for as long as I can though.



You make me laugh every day! You are so full of love and life. You come into our room every morning with your wild curly hair and snuggle up with me. You bite your nails which is a habit I hate so I promised you if you grew them I would take you to have them painted like mummy does sometimes. You were so good at not biting them and you were so pleased with your ‘grown up’ Frozen nails!!

Baby Sprout


We have had lots of big memories and milestones hit this week from you, but one of the smaller littler memories is that you had your first injury. You were in your car seat at mother and baby group as I was packing up to leave and a toddler pinched you on the forehead. You looked so sad and I knew you just didn’t understand why someone had caused you pain. The scratches on your face made me feel like such a terrible mother for failing to protect you.

Living Arrows

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  1. May 24, 2015 / 10:48 pm

    Oh poor little guy! Don’t beat yourself up though, these things happen.

    Sweet photos, they are so cute! Thanks for joining in x

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