Little Memories #5



This week you have been displaying the attitude of a teenager! Exclaiming OMG! at everything and watching You Tube on your tablet! We snuggled up in bed together one morning and I felt sad because I thought it won’t be long before you are too old for this but you reassured me that you would never be too old for a cuddle with mummy!

Jelly Baby


You have been the funniest little thing this week – full of questions and funny quotes! You have become fascinated with the human body, asking lots of questions about bones and blood! And when I was talking about how sad I was that you were getting older, that soon you would be 4 you said “that’s how it goes mummy, our numbers change!”. Quilt simply you have been fabulous company this week!

Baby Sprout


What can I say, it has been another week of smiles! Although this week you had your first temperature (38.4) which worried me immensely and stopped me going out for the night with friends! I’m hoping it was just teething as you have seemed ok ever since. You have been enjoying spending some time with Nanny this week as she is off work and Mummy has enjoyed having an extra pair of hands to help me!

Living Arrows

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  1. February 5, 2015 / 10:51 am

    Awe they are all so gorgeous. I love Jelly Baby’s little saying “that’s how it goes mummy, our numbers change!” – so very true!

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