Little Memories #9



You turned 8 this week – 8!! It didn’t really feel like it was your birthday because you were at school all day and then you had dancing in the evening. We did manage to spend a day celebrating on Sunday though with your party and Build a Bear shopping! You looked so grown up in your new birthday clothes!

Jelly Baby


You have struggled this week with your sister having all the attention for her birthday. You can be very jealous of her and you didn’t like not having any presents to open for yourself! I have tried to give you lots of cuddles to make up for it. You were the centre of attention really at your sister’s party as all her friends loved dressing you up and fussing over you!

Baby Sprout

first starbucks frappuccino

I think you are having a little growth spurt this week – you have been really hungry and desperately trying to eat everything in sight! If someone is eating something you want it – even if you have just eaten your own dinner! This week you had your first taste of a Starbucks Frappuccino (bad mummy) but you loved it!

Living Arrows

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