Ice Lolly Stick Bird Seed Feeder Tutorial

 Spring is here and we have been trying to tidy up the garden, plant seeds, weed and brighten up the place with some new flowers. We’ve also been filling up our bird water tray and putting out some fatty seed balls for the birds.

The girls wanted to buy a seed holder for the birds so they could put different foods out for them – nuts and seeds and leftover bread we might have. Instead of spending money on something like this I thought we could use some bits and bobs we had in the house and make one.

We had been sent some rainbow coloured ice lolly sticks in our Bostik Bloggers craft bundle which I thought would make a really striking seed holder but of course you could just save the sticks you use from lollipops if you are feeling even more thrifty. Then all you need is some PVA glue and string.

To make the base, lay out 11 lollipop sticks close together and glue two more over the top to hold them in place.

Turn this over and this will be the base of your feeder.

Then you will need to make the walls. Glue two sticks in place at opposite edges and then glue two over the top on the opposite side.

Continue to layer the sticks like this until the walls are as high as you would like them to be.


Then glue three lollipop sticks to the base, leaving the ends poking out (this will make a little stand for the birds to perch upon).

Leave to dry overnight and then tie to your desired tree with string and fill with seeds and nuts. The birds will absolutely love it, and it really adds a pop of colour to your garden too!

We made a little video tutorial of how to make it too…

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Lollipop Stick Bird Feeder

Disclosure – we were given the materials to make this project as part of our role as Bostik Bloggers.


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